The people that we care about, the places we care about.

The people that we care about, the places we care about.

The people that we care about, the places we care about.

This photo was taken almost 15 years ago in Shonan, close to where my parents live. Since the age of 14 this stretch of beach, the sea, the sky, the view of Mt Fuji, have been a constant source of calm and joy regardless of whatever else has happened in life. 

At times of joy, this has been my playground. During times of sadness and stress, this has been my saviour.

Learning to be better

If I'm being completely honest, for most of my life I never paid that much attention to the impact that the way I lived had on the environment. Of course, when I found myself out in the beauty of nature I made sure to clean up after myself, to take any waste I might have made with me, trying to be a little more responsible. 

But back in the fast-paced day-to-day city life. In London, or Shanghai, or Delhi, or Tokyo. I just consumed - plastic packaging, wrapping, more packaging. Hoping that everything was being taken care of. That things were being recycled and that was enough. That was all I needed to do.

A yoghurt that is better for us and the environment around us

I now know it's not enough. I know that I'm still not doing enough. 

With COCONO I hope that we can create delicious products that will make it easier for more of us to take responsibility and live with more sensitivity to our environment. 

A little more plant-based diet. 

A little less plastic. 

A little more recycling.  

Just small steps, but together we can make small steps in the right direction. 

For the places we care about, the people we care about.

Our People and Places

We will be sharing images of the people and places that are so precious to us in this series of images "Our People and Places" - available with your online orders, at our events and at our retail locations.

Let us know about the people and places that are important to you.

Let's try together.