About the key points to consider when preparing the intestinal tract

About the key points to consider when preparing the intestinal tract

Hello, this is natural coconut yogurt, COCONO.

The intestines are said to be the second brain, and those who are interested in health may know the importance of actively drinking fermented foods and enzyme juices and maintaining a good intestinal environment.

What are the important points to keep in mind when preparing the intestinal tract?

The other day, I had the opportunity to speak with a professor who lectures on intestinal activity, and the advice that made sense to me was that it is better to take more than one enzyme or fermented bacteria, rather than just one.

It seems that everything should be balanced and unbiased.

The fermented food that we living in Japan can easily consume is miso soup. Besides, you can add natto (fermented soybeans), natto bacillus, senescent yeast bacillus, lactobacillus and butyric acid bacteria if you are okay with natto or nuka-zuke.

Make taking lactobacilli a routine.

This story reminded me again that I would like to make it a habit to take lactobacilli with yogurt for breakfast or brunch.

COCONO coconut yogurt is an easy and tasty fermented food that can be recommended to many people as "temae yogurt," not "temae-miso," because people who are allergic to dairy products can also take lactic acid bacteria.

Natural coconut yogurt is readily available in the West, and we hope you will give it a try.

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