A delicious way to eat differently…

100% plant-based. Small-batch. Plastic-free.
Made in Japan.
Deliciously thick and creamy.

COCONO Natural's coconut yogurt is handmade for you.
Whoever you are - vegan, vegetarian, or just want something different and delicious.

All of our yoghurts are made in reusable glass-jars, and come packaged free of single-use plastics.

A delicious way to eat differently

COCONO Natural is a small Japanese company of food lovers with a mission to make living ethically and environmentally responsibly a little easier and a lot more delicious for all of us.

Our products are plant-based and delicious, and made here in Japan. And wherever we can, our products are plastic-free.

"Taste and enjoyment are just as important in our efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle," says Justin Mackee, founder of COCONO Natural. "Not only should taste not be sacrificed in the name of health, neither should our environment. That's why we're launching delicious, locally-made plant-based yoghurts, with no added sugar or preservatives, packaged in clean, easy to recycle glass jars."

Let’s find a delicious way to eat differently together.