Natural coconut yoghurt

Our original, all natural, Greek-style coconut yoghurt.
100% plant-based, full of vegan probiotics and free of dairy, gluten and any refined sugar.

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【Subscription Purchase】Plain Coconut Yoghurt (2 x 400g)

20%off if you buy by subscription!

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¥1,920 JPY
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¥2,400 JPY → ¥1,920 JPY(20% off)
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To celebrate our regular customers COCONO is introducing a subscription option – with a 20% discount on the retail price!

Subscription customers receive a fresh delivery of 2 x 400g jars of our COCONO natural coconut yoghurt with every production batch.

Delivery frequency follows our three week production cycle, with subscription customers requiring a three delivery minimum.


Please Note - Coconut yoghurt orders of 2 x 400g are shipped in one box. Therefore an order of 4 x 400g will result in shipping charges for two boxes.

Thick, creamy and delicious. Made with unsweetened coconut cream, vegan probiotics and natural kanten.

Delicious either sweet or savoury. COCONO natural coconut yoghurt is perfect for your morning start to get your ready for your day or as part of your cooking later in the day, as an indulgent plant-based treat.

Due the high levels of live probiotics in COCONO, the yoghurt has a natural acidity and may occasionally have some light carbonation. Please rest assured that the product is safe to eat and delicious.

●Latest Scheduled Delivery Information
Delivery start date:2024.5.16〜
Order deadline:2024.5.24
Best Before Date:2024.6.8

●About delivery date
The products will be delivered sequentially from the start date of each regular purchase cycle. Usually, you will receive your products within 1 to 2 days from the dispatch notification.

●Change of delivery dates
We are unable to change individual delivery dates and times for subscription customers. In the event that a specific delivery date is inconvenient, the date and time can be changed directly with YAMATO Transport upon receiving the tracking number.

Coconut Milk (from Indonesia), Natural Kanten, Live Vegan Cultures, Konjac Flour

●Nutrition Facts (per 100g)
Energy: 177 kcal
Protein: 2.1g
Fat: 17.6g
Carbohydrates: 2.6g
Salt equivalent: 0.05g